Meet me, Carly.
I could not be more excited to be joining the amazing team at LifeCycle! Growing up, I was always actively involved in organized sports such as fastball, basketball and even bowling.... yes I said bowling- I even have my own shoes and bowling balls. However, as an adult I struggled to find a way to stay active that I actually enjoyed. I discovered my love for running about two years ago and just completed my first 10km this spring. I love running outdoors but our harsh winters have turned me off from getting out there. 

In April of 2017 my friend and I decided we wanted to try out a few different fitness studios in the city and we took advantage of LifeCycle’s free spin for new riders. I knew a couple of friends from high school that had begun instructing at LifeCycle so I was curious about trying out their classes. I had spun before at different gym facilities in the city, but never like this. I loved the high energy that the instructor brought to class and the great music! I was hooked. I began spinning regularly and I can honestly say it has been the best thing for me. I’ve struggled with depression and LifeCycle has helped me combat that by providing me with a community and a sense of purpose. I feel like I belong here at Lifecycle and am looking forward to bringing that same sense of belonging to all future spinners! 

The last thing I feel you need to know about me is that I am totally and completely in love with all things Celine Dion. Truly. She is the greatest. That is all.