Meet me, Caitlin.
I recently graduated from the U of S with a Bachelor of Commerce in 2016. Growing up, my life always revolved around various sports and staying physically active. However, once I started university, I found it much more difficult to fit sports into my busy lifestyle as a student. 
When LifeCycle opened its doors, my sister (who is also an instructor at LifeCycle 💪) convinced me to give it a try. I knew I had no excuse considering the first ride is FREE! Long story short, I'm so grateful that she dragged me to that first 6am class! Ever since that class I have been a regular at LifeCycle and I could not be more happy with where I am both physically and mentally. 
Not only have I gained a love for the bike, but I can honestly say that the community at LifeCycle is like no other. Through the sweat and the grind, I have gained life long friendships that I could not be more grateful for! So come sweat with me, I promise your first ride will not be your last!