Meet Me, Derek.

My first class at Lifecycle was a defining moment for me in beginning a new chapter in my life, let me tell you why. 

Throughout my elementary and high school years I was a competitive swimmer for a swim club in Saskatoon. I loved the sport until I unfortunately developed a shoulder injury that affected my performance as a competitive swimmer. After leaving the sport I tried to maintain my fitness level however nothing excited me enough to do so. Approximately 6 years later I completed my Civil Engineering degree where during those years I barely went to the gym or focused on staying healthy. I knew I had to get out of this slump I was in but I didn't know where to start. 

It was Downtown Sidewalk Sale Summer 2016 where I saw an old friend of mine working the Lifecycle booth and she convinced me to try a class. The rest was history; the Lifecycle method got me addicted almost immediately and the classes are FUN every time. 

I'm so excited that I now get the opportunity to teach my own classes and serve up my own style of music. Lifecycle has allowed me to get out of that slump I was in and begin a new chapter in my LIFE.