Dez hesson

Meet me, Dez.
I'm a full-time correctional officer! My first spin class.... Many years ago... was probably one of the scariest things ever! All of these fit, beautiful people givener on the bike for an hour!!! Yikes! But... I worked up to it and went and BOOM have been hooked ever since. It's an hour, you sweat your bum off and feel like a million bucks after! I know it may sound intimidating and scary and you think "oh my gosh I'd die if I tried" well...Guess what I know CPR so I got your back! :) I'm so pumped to be part of the lifeCYCLE squad and am ready to kick your booty into shape....And give you the best cardio workout I can give you! Come if your happy, come if your sad even come if your mad and just want to spin and yell and scream. I promise when you leave.... You won't regret it and will be back again! Come to lifeCYCLE and join our squad.

Welcome everyone with open arms! Whose with me Saskatoon!!