Meet me, Jenna.
Hey my name is Jenna Karakochuk!  I’m from Yorkton Sk. But have been living in Saskatoon since 2010!  My passion for Massage Therapy brought me here where I attended school at the Professional Institute of Massage Therapy, graduating in 2012.  Moving to the city also ignited my love for sports all over again- growing up I played soccer, basketball and volleyball.  My biggest passion being for soccer though!  I am now involved in many different things such as soccer, two dodgeball teams and beach volleyball in the spring-summer seasons!  My method of exercise has always revolved around sport- I was never one to consistently attend a gym.  

When I first tried LifeCycle I was completely blown away- the atmosphere is incredible!  The support and energy flows through the music and people, it’s just like being on a team. Finishing a class is like overcoming mountains and you can’t wait to conquer the next one!  

Becoming an instructor is an absolute dream come true and I will make it my personal goal to share the joy of getting into that saddle and turning shiny with sweat something you can look forward to as well!  See ya on the bike!