jenna kobiela

Meet me, Jenna.

I’m a Kinesiology grad aspiring to find a career involving health and physical activity. Growing up, I danced for 7 years and then switched to basketball in grade 4. Basketball opened doors to new opportunities and friendships, but it took over my life. As I grew older I found my dreams of playing university basketball becoming less realistic.

I was always defined by a number, whether that be my number on the bench, on the scale, or my university grades. Once I graduated, I began running to try and drop the extra weight I gained that held me back from my basketball dreams. I became so obsessed with proving everyone wrong that it took over my life. I started running half marathons and became a very successful long distance runner. For the next year, I was “Jenna the Runner”. Meanwhile I had stopped eating, was exercising excessively and could not look in a mirror without seeing terrifying things. I became sick and was later diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and an eating disorder.

By the love of my family, friends, and God I took action to get my life back on track and develop a healthy relationship with food, exercise, and myself. I have stopped running as much and have learned that being physically active keeps my mind and body healthy. That's where spin comes in! It is something different, challenging, and community based which is where I find joy.
People are my passion and I cannot wait to cross paths with each one of you at lifeCYCLE.