Meet me, Katie

Outside of the studio, I'm a full time registered nurse in pediatrics! I have a passion for helping others and love working in the healthcare sector.

I've always enjoyed physical activity. Growing up, I was involved in many forms of competitive dance as well as soccer. I enjoyed being part of a team that was fun and kept me active. It wasn't until my first year of university that I felt I couldn't keep up. I devoted my life to my studies and quickly found myself stressed and overwhelmed. I had stopped working out completely and I began to struggle with body image issues. I decided then to turn things around and begin my journey towards optimal physical wellness. I started going to the gym regularly and found a deep love for long distance running. What started as a weight loss journey became so much more. Physical activity became a part of my daily routine and my own personal stress relief. I found myself happier and more fulfilled each day. After a while, I was looking for new ways to enjoy fitness and when I discovered LifeCYCLE, I was hooked immediately. I loved the party atmosphere, the physical challenges it provided, and the ability to be a part of an incredibly motivating and fun community.

When the opportunity to become an instructor presented itself, I jumped on it immediately.  I can't wait to give back to others what LifeCYCLE has given me! I'm incredibly excited to get to know you all and be a part of your journey in some way. Let's get on the bike, work hard, sweat it out and have some fun doing it!My passion for wellness continues as I deepen my knowledge by completing a Holistic Nutrition program. I'm excited to continue educating and empowering individuals to take an active role in their health, and create positive shifts in their lives. lifeCYCLE aligns with my goals and values, to inspire positive shifts in the lives of others, and I love being part of this squad.